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Social Work needs to tackle gang issues on a community scale.

We all know that the journey from childhood to adulthood can, at times, be an incredibly difficult one. We struggle not only with authority, rules, boundaries, morality and social norms … Continue reading

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Victims, Their Families and The Death Penalty

After hearing about the slow and painful death of Joseph Wood, I wrote this piece for Social Work Helper. The full article is available on the link below. “When … Continue reading

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To the person who said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” you are an insufferable know-it-all. When I say that quote in my head, … Continue reading

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Today I briefly experienced one of those events which is completely out of the ordinary and which makes you take a long internal pause. I work on the fifth floor … Continue reading

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Cup of Tea and A Chat

I want to tell you about a young girl that I recently worked with. For the purposes of confidentiality, I cannot tell you her name, her age or the context … Continue reading

13/08/2012 · 1 Comment

Social Work Life Crisis

So… this weekend I told a twelve year old girl she will never find happiness. No, I’m not proud of myself but it happened, okay. I was at a 50th … Continue reading

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‘The first duty of love is to listen’~ Paul Tillich

This one’s for you Fact Fans! The new Volkswagen Golf has cruise control. The new Volkswagen Golf has Parking sensors- front and rear! The new Volkswagen Golf automatically dims the rear view … Continue reading

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Teenage Kicks

In case I haven’t made it clear, I am currently working on a dissertation. It’s on the role of relationship-based social work practice in helping sexually exploited young people. The … Continue reading

10/01/2012 · 1 Comment

Gollum, the Social Worker

I appreciate that this blog is at risk of becoming a monthly discussion of why Lord of the Rings is so, ridiculously great (*swoons at the thought of Legolas*), but … Continue reading

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