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Social Work needs to tackle gang issues on a community scale.

We all know that the journey from childhood to adulthood can, at times, be an incredibly difficult one. We struggle not only with authority, rules, boundaries, morality and social norms … Continue reading

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Ebola Aid Workers and Donald Trump: The Best and Worst of Humankind.

On Saturday, Donald Trump tweeted that ‘The U.S. cannot allow EBOLA infected people back.” He qualified this by saying that “People that go to far away places to help out … Continue reading

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Should Russell Brand Stay Out Of Politics?

I have a rather embarrassing admission to make. From the ages of 18 to 21 my best friend and I used to spend almost every single Sunday morning YouTubing videos … Continue reading

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Mum’s Diagnosis and My Mental Health.

Mum was finally cancer free and recovering well. As far as Cancer Treatments go, we had the absolute best possible experience. There were no complications and no need for chemotherapy. … Continue reading

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Mum’s Diagnosis Pt. 6.

Whether it had been due to shock, or whether it had been due to courage, it was not until the end of April, four months after the initial diagnosis, that … Continue reading

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Mum’s Diagnosis Pt. 5.

For the next seven days Mum remained in hospital. Visiting hours were 12pm till 2pm and 6pm till 8pm. My routine was simple. Wake up at 11.30am, go to the … Continue reading

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Victims, Their Families and The Death Penalty

After hearing about the slow and painful death of Joseph Wood, I wrote this piece for Social Work Helper. The full article is available on the link below. “When … Continue reading

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Mum’s Diagnosis Pt. 4.

The next six weeks were a blur. I understood for the first time what it is to truly be on auto-pilot. An appointment had been booked for Mum’s operation at … Continue reading

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Mum’s Diagnosis Pt. 3.

The last weekend of January, ten days after the diagnosis, I was supposed to go to Bratislava with University friends but I just couldn’t do it. It wasn’t the shock … Continue reading

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Mum’s Diagnosis Pt. 2.

In the first few days that followed the diagnosis, I felt a strong sense of anger begin to creep over me. I remember specifically being in Booths in Kendal and … Continue reading

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