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Diary Entry 26.11.2013 – Depression: The Glamour

26.11.2013 In great literture, depression is described as a soul-destroying affliction; one that creates deep wounds, dark nightmares and a terror of falling into oblivion. The truth is, depression is … Continue reading

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Diary Entry 20.10.2014 – Bipolar: The Acorn

Monday, 20th October 2014 When you’re Bipolar, depression never fully goes away. It’s like an acorn in the core of your body. And for months on end, it may remain … Continue reading

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“In order to be loved and love others well, the requirement is not to be flawless, but rather to share scars and tears with courage and find in doing so that brokenness can be beautiful.”

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Police: Protecting and Serving the White Middle-Class and Mentally Well.

A violent threat, a criminal, a gangster, a drug-dealer, a menace, it seems these are all the things the police see you as in the United States of America if … Continue reading

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Tackling Discrimination At Work Comes At A Price.

In July of last year, the British Government introduced Employment Tribunal Fees for any employees seeking to challenge discrimination at work. Employees who have been intimidated, harassed or fired as … Continue reading

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A Monster At The Heart of British Policing.

I have postponed writing this piece for several months now. However as more stories emerge on an almost daily basis, it has become clear that there is something rotten at … Continue reading

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The beginnings of Borderline Personality Disorder.

I wonder sometimes if I’m the only person who has ever cried the way I’ve cried. There have been times I have felt so much pain that I can’t stand. … Continue reading

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Here is another light-hearted article for the online Women’s Magazine, Women Make Waves. In it I talk about how to stop yourself from stabbing supermarket checkout girls with forks. An … Continue reading

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My answer to this is that women should do what they please. Wear make-up, don’t wear make-up. Paint butterflies all over your forehead if it makes you happy. It really … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I started Blogging for an online magazine called Women Make Waves. The more writing-type jobs I get, the happier my nearest and dearest become because they (mistakenly) believe it … Continue reading

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