Rebecca Joy Novell

The creation of a charity, from the very beginning.

Leaving the Shire

These are the words I  have started hearing every time I talk about my dream to set up a charity. I may be talking to my friends over a glass of wine (a glass that happens to be our 5th of the evening); or talking to a stranger who has politely asked what I want to do when I graduate; and somehow, I manage to waffle on for hours- well not hours. My friends certainly aren’t that patient. The cries of ‘SHUT UP’ and ‘you’re boring me now’, don’t come from my patient friends, or the regretful stranger, however. They come from me. My mouth goes in to autopilot but my brain is telling me, ‘yes, we all know what you want to do. Now go out and DO IT! Silly girl’.
So, this is the ‘official’ start of my quest to set up a charity. I feel like Frodo, only taller and with better dress sense- I do have the hairy toes, however. Please be patient with me. I may make mistakes or irritate beyond belief, but I will get there! I may be boring myself to death but I am certainly passionate and with time I will have other things to say other than ‘I want to…’. I may even say the words, ‘I have done…’. Any input, comments, insults, are all welcome. You can be my fellowship!
Novs x

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This entry was posted on 26/08/2011 by in The Beginning.


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